As part of our efforts to reach people with limited mobility and accessibility to The General ‎Directorate of UAQ Police services, we have designed this website with enhanced features ‎that will ease the experience of dealing with The General Directorate of UAQ Police. Following ‎are some of the features on our website that aim to benefit people with different abilities:‎

Change text size:

If you have difficulty reading the text on our portal, you can increase or decrease the text-‎size by clicking on the ‘A AA’ icons on the top of the webpage

Change Colors:‎

If you faced any difficulty surfing the site with the current colors, you can easily change it to ‎your favorite color by clicking “color” icons on the top of the webpage.‎

Website Structure:

The user can reach information easily, and they are accessible, only click on “Sitemap” on ‎the top of the webpage.‎

Zoom Screen:

You can use the Zoom option from your browser to enlarge the page. You can change the ‎page size by clicking on the View menu. Then, click on Zoom and adjust the page size ‎according to your needs.‎

Alternate text for image:

Every image on our website tagged with appropriate description. To read image description, ‎you need to position the mouse over the image.‎