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Umm Al Quwain Police was established nearly four years before the establishment of the Union State, specifically on 10/18/1967 AD according to a decree issued by His Highness, the Ruler of Umm Al Quwain at that time, Sheikh Ahmed bin Rashid Al Mualla, may God have mercy on him. A decree was issued by His Highness Sheikh / Ahmed bin Rashid Al Mualla, may God have mercy on him, on 1/4/1972 with the appointment of Major General Sheikh / Hamid bin Ahmed Al Mualla, Chief of Police and Public Security. The number of the salary at the time was twenty police officers, including: His Excellency Major General (Obaid bin Yusef) and Mr. (Hamid bin Khatam), where The force was trained by qualified trainers from the Armed Forces (formerly the Coast of Oman Force) and from Dubai Police, including: Hamed Al-Rawas and Ali Al-Awlaki, and from Abu Dhabi Police, Muhammad Juma and Khaled Al-Mutref, and its main headquarters was a building prepared by the government located in an area The old Umm al-Quwain, then moved to a new building that was established in the same location as the current prison (Punitive and Correctional Institution Administration), where the police work was redistributed and the number of the force increased. After the establishment of the Union, Umm Al Quwain Police became operating under the supervision of the Federal Ministry of Interior, and then the Umm Al Quwain Police was restructured to become a general command instead of a public administration on 05/15/2011. Currently, the Umm Al Quwain Police General Headquarters building is located on the Umm Al Quwain Creek, adjacent to the Amiri Diwan and the Umm Al Quwain municipality.

The functions of the Umm Al Quwain Police General Command according to the organizational structure issued by the Ministry of Interior

The Umm Al Quwain Police General Command was established to exercise the following tasks and specializations:
Developing the strategy and work policies of the General Police Command and its formations in the emirate in accordance with the strategic directions of the Ministry, following up on their approval and working on their implementation.
Preparing the annual estimated budget for the needs of the general leadership in terms of human, material, informational and service resources, following up on its approval and working on its implementation.
Enhancing the requirements for establishing security and order in the emirate by activating the tasks of criminal investigation, the tasks of protecting facilities, controlling the security of ports, and all police tasks.
Setting detailed security plans and instructions, permanent follow-up of security events, and coordination of various qualitative efforts to deal with events effectively and efficiently.
Directing police operations in the emirate by activating police stations, comprehensive patrols, traffic and licensing departments, activating the role of community policing and communicating with the community.
Coordination with federal security agencies in various security fields.
Participation in conferences, seminars and exhibitions and representing the Ministry in national events and occasions.
Participate in developing work systems in human and financial resources, support and electronic services, in coordination with the competent authorities.
Support and direct security research and studies to monitor the phenomenon of crime, identify its variables, develop appropriate treatments for it, and work to spread the security culture in society.
Work on the shift from traditional systems to electronic systems and the application of modern administrative systems in the completion of tasks by striving to keep pace with advanced technologies in accordance with quality and excellence standards.
Preparing periodic and exceptional reports on the performance of the Police General Command in the emirate by adopting standards for measuring institutional performance, identifying problems and proposing alternatives and developmental solutions to them.
Work environment and internal and external relations

The work environment and internal relations in the Umm Al Quwain Police General Headquarters are characterized by familiarity, flexibility and ease of communication between superiors and subordinates. The external work environment is also characterized by the diversity of tasks and services that include all groups of society, as it shares work with partners such as the Judicial House, represented by the prosecution and the court of all kinds, the Civil Defense Department and the General Administration of Residency and Foreigners Affairs, as well as with the local departments and bodies such as Umm Al-Quwain Municipality and the Economic Department that contribute With her in the completion of many tasks and services.