What is the penalty for driving a heavy vehicle where there are no safety and security conditions?

Fined (500) calculated in his presence with the impoundment of the vehicle for 30 days

When allowed to non-residents driving light vehicles and motorcycles during the period of their presence in the state?

Be a presence in the state for the purpose of residence.
 That holds visiting international driving license is valid or to be holders of driving licenses issued by states excepted by a decision of the Minister of the Interior.

Allowing children under the age of ten to sit in the front seat of the vehicle with the death estimated as follows

غرامة مالية وقدرها (400) درهم و(4) نقاط مرورية وتحسب حضوري

What is the punishment for load vehicle light manner dangerous to others or the road?

Fined (200) and (3) traffic points and calculated presence and absence and the impoundment of the vehicle for a period of 7 days

What is the punishment for driving the vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drug ?

Fine determined by the court and the number (24) points and the impoundment of the vehicle traffic for a period of (60) days.

What is the punishment for driving the vehicle, which constitute a danger to the public (race on the road)?

Fined (2000) and the number (12) points and the impoundment of the vehicle traffic for a period of (30) days

What is one-time drug use in the law?

There are several options, and the judge is free to choose between imposing a penalty with a fine or referral for treatment and rehabilitation

How do you recognize a drug addict?

<p> Do not be upset when you have doubts that a family member is using drugs or addicted to them. He must be dealt with wisely and calmly. To make sure of the state of addiction, he should notice the following: </p> <p> <br /> - Abnormal behavior of the addict < Br /> - The presence of sores in the arm from the effects of drug injections. <br /> - Symptoms of the addict such as red eyes, increased nasal secretions, diarrhea, pain in the legs, feeling anxious and lack of sleep. <br /> - Being isolated from Others, and his lack of interest in his appearance. <br /> - Suffering from indolence and constant yawning. <br /> - Pallor of the face with increased secretions of sweat and tremors in the limbs. <br /> - Loss of appetite, emaciation and constipation. <br /> - Nervousness and agitation for the least reason. <br /> - Irregularity in school or work. <br /> - Resorting to lies and tricks to obtain money. <br /> - The disappearance or theft of some valuables or medical drugs. </p> >

How do you deal with a drug addict?

Requesting help from the concerned authorities (the police - the Public Prosecution - the specialized treatment and rehabilitation centers in the state)

Custom optical signals are pedestrian crossing as follows

- Green light: I meanto allow a pedestrian to cross the road.
- Intermittent green light: I mean, not to initiate a pedestrian crossing and complete the crossing after starting it when it was allowed.
- Red Light: ban means pedestrian crossing the road

What is the punishment for the commander of the bike not to wear a helmet while driving?

Fined (200) and (4) traffic points