Launching the (May you be fine) initiative for retirees

Proceeding from the interest of the Ministry of Interior and the General Command of Umm Al Quwain Police for the retired brothers, the “May your good deeds” initiative was launched, which is concerned with following up on the health affairs of retirees in gratitude and appreciation for their efforts, dedication and serious and sincere performance during their years of work in the police service.
His Excellency the Deputy Commander-in-Chief stressed that the launch of this initiative comes in line with the vision of the Ministry of Interior and the objectives of the Umm Al Quwain Police General Command to take care of those who have dedicated themselves and their time in serving the dear country and maintaining security and safety in society. In the country, they began to develop police work, the fruits of which are now seen in the hands of today’s generations of policemen.
His Excellency explained that the initiative includes the visit of a number of officers, non-commissioned officers and individuals to the homes of police retirees to check on their health and submit a corona examination (covid-19) in cooperation with the strategic partner (Umm Al Quwain Medical District) to whom we extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to their medical staff for their cooperation with us in making this successful. The initiative.

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