In our continuous quest for excellence and to achieve the highest quality standards in institutional performance, and our belief in the importance of enhancing electronic presence through easy and innovative channels of the process of communication and communication with different spectrums and segments of society, the Ministry of Interior is keen to interact with customers through social networking sites and applications with respect and in a professional manner that achieves their satisfaction. and exceed their expectations.

The purpose of making e-participation tools available is:
Objectives of the E-Participation Policy
Limits and Scope of Application of the E-Participation Policy
E-Participation Tools
Enabling people with special needs to e-participate
Supervision Policy
Policy and Procedures for Dealing with Electronic Posts
Our commitment to you
Public rights towards electronic participation
Review and Audit Policy
Policy to amend and enhance the e-participation policy
The purpose of making e-participation tools available is:
1. Enhancing our operations and services by monitoring the desires and aspirations of the public through various channels of expression and electronic platforms.
2. Enhancing the concept of transparency and the circulation of knowledge by publishing the results of surveys and referendums to the public and making them available for copying and downloading.
3. Providing effective, easy and smooth participation channels that enhance partnership with the public and ensure increased interaction between us.
From this point of view, we assure you that we are pleased to listen to your opinions and suggestions and give them all the attention, assuring you that we adopt transparency in dealing with them, so be our partner in formulating our service policies in a professional and civilized manner.

Objectives of the E-Participation Policy
The purpose of the e-participation policy is to set the necessary controls and rules that will regulate the process of using e-participation tools and to clarify the procedures and responsibilities involved during this process to be a reference for managing the various aspects of e-participation in an optimal manner and to ensure the achievement of the goals for which they were found. In addition to defining the controls related to materials published on social networks and the website, and ensuring that all published information is public information, as stated in Cabinet Resolution No. (21 of 2013) regarding the regulation of information security in federal entities, in addition to adhering to the information security policy in the Ministry. .

Limits and Scope of Application of the E-Participation Policy
The e-participation policy applies to all topics, opinions, discussions and surveys that are presented and circulated through the e-participation tools provided by the Ministry of Interior through its website, whether submitted or contributed using computers, smart mobile devices and tablets. This policy also applies to all websites The electronic police commands and central departments of the Ministry of Interior.

E-Participation Tools
The Ministry of Interior provides, through its website, a number of e-participation tools, which we list as follows:
• Opinion polls: The Ministry of Interior, through its sectors and formations, publishes opinion polls from time to time in order to collect the largest number of public opinions to enable it to address security and service issues and events of interest and concern to public opinion. It is one of the electronic consulting tools
Customer Satisfaction Surveys: The Ministry of Interior publishes periodic and regular electronic questionnaires aimed at monitoring the extent of public satisfaction with the level of efficiency of its operations and the quality of its services. It is one of the electronic consulting tools
Chat: The Ministry of Interior provides a live chat feature with the website management team, through which all inquiries and questions from the public are immediately responded to. This service is provided around the clock and on all days of the week, including official holidays.
Comment forms (Feedback form): The Ministry of Interior provides, through its website, comment forms on some topics of interest to the public. In some cases, the comment forms may require providing some initial data for the user (name, email) so that those in charge of the website can respond and give feedback.
• Social Media Sites: The Ministry of Interior uses a number of social networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram) to communicate with the public through alerts, tweets, video and audio clips, and to publish news and events of interest to the public.
• Complaints and opinions: The Ministry of Interior provides the public with a system that allows submitting complaints and opinions that contribute to the development and enhancement of the quality of services provided, in accordance with an approved institutional process methodology.
E-Mail: Sending information in the form of a newsletter to the e-mail addresses of a large number of people at once.
• Share your opinion: It is one of the channels provided by the Ministry on its website, which allows the public to participate in decisions regarding the development of services and policies available on the website, by adding comments and suggestions on topics that are presented electronically, and it is considered one of the electronic decision-making tools

Enabling people with special needs to e-participate
The Ministry has worked to ensure that people with special needs are able to access the published information and contribute effectively to the e-participation activities by providing the following features on the website:
• The ability to enlarge the font size (.
• Text-to-speech feature
• Provide a textual description of non-text content, such as providing a description of images as well as a text version of speech embedded in videos.
• Providing the ability to browse the site and perform all tasks through the user’s keyboard keys.
• Provide the feature of converting speech into written text

Supervision Policy
The Ministry of the Interior welcomes you so that you can submit any information you want here