UAQ Police are committed and pay great attention to the privacy of the site and its users. We do not collect any private information about you in our site, unless you enter this information by yourself willfully. When you start using our website, you accept the terms and conditions of privacy so that UAQ Police shall be entitled to make minor or major amendments from time to time without a previous notification.

Browsing our website:

On your first visit to the site, the site will consider you as anonymous, unless you provided your personal information to us. If you browsing our website only for viewing information, for reading, viewing photos, downloading information, we automatically save some details about your visit (theses details don’t reveal your identity). Theses automatically collected details are used by the website management to make reports and usage statistics, to unveil unpermitted activities and to force law; in this case you may be subject to prosecution. Types of data that are automatically collected and stored when you visit our website:
(IP) address.
Browser type and the computer operating system.
Time of your visit.
Browsed pages.
Websites that are linked to our website.
Search engines, with the words u searched, that are linked to our website.

Registering (online) to utilize from our e-services:

The details you provide in creating a new account, such as your name, email, and any other details are used by us just for creating the account and activating the e-services.
The registered users may receive emails or text messages about the status of their applications.
Users registered in newsletters will receive emails.
UAQ Police are not liable for defects, faults, miscommunication or virus attacks in our website. If UAQ Police notified users, in critical conditions for protecting and reducing any possible loss, about any interruption or amendments, registered users shall follow proper steps to make their computers secure and safe.


If the user saved their user names in the browser, these details will be stored for one year, so that the stored user name will appear automatically in the user name box when you revisit our website.
Registered users who sign in from public computers shall not save their passwords on the browser, to avoid using their accounts by others.
Any dispute may rise from using the website shall be conducted in accordance with the UAE Laws. UAE courts shall be the sole and exclusive authority to settle such disputes.