The Media and Public Relations Department of Umm Al Quwain Police visits the Media and Public Relations Department of Ajman Police

A delegation from the Media and Public Relations Department at the Umm Al Quwain Police General Headquarters visited the Media and Public Relations Department at the Ajman Police General Headquarters, to learn about the best police practices and distinguished work methods and to exchange talk about the development of methods and reality of public relations and media on both sides.

The delegation included Major/ Mohammed Rashid Buharoun, Head of the Media and Public Relations Department, Captain/ Saeed Suleiman Al Maamari, Director of the Media Affairs Branch, and First Lieutenant/ Hani Ibrahim Al Hamar, Director of the Institutional Performance Measurement Branch at the Umm Al Quwain Police General Headquarters, where they were received by Major Noura Sultan Al Shamsi, Head of the Department Media and Public Relations in Ajman Police and Captain/ Ahmed Abdullah Al-Ajmani, Director of Media Affairs Branch in Ajman Police.

After an introductory tour for the delegation in the department’s offices and getting to know the employees and their tasks, the department’s strategy was reviewed through a presentation, during which the delegation learned about the most important programs, activities and methods used to communicate with the public, deal with social media sites, press publication, initiatives, partners and the most important performance indicators that help in proper planning and enhance From the concept of follow-up, coordination and standardization of procedures to achieve the desired goals.

At the end of the visit, memorial shields were exchanged and sincere thanks and appreciation were extended to Ajman Police for the reception and valuable information, which will certainly contribute to supporting the strategy and objectives of the Ministry of Interior in general.

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